Yes, this is one of two primary functions of the Window Clip.

Yes, this is the second primary function of the Window Clip.

This is correct; however most window manufacturers require a 3/16” to 1/4” caulk bead which the Window Clip would be “inside.”

No. There are no AAMA standards for fasteners. However, the Window Clip passed the most stringent tests defined for window structural integrity and water resistance. 

Yes minimally. Minimal window movement is a feature of the Window Clip that permits the window to continue to be leveled until the siding has been installed. In addition, the ability for the window to move will provide some protection during seismic activity. If the window frame is ridged in the framed opening, i.e. entirely nailed through the pre-punched holes, the frame or window could be broken during seismic events or if the building settles.

Yes using glass cups allows the window to be pulled tightly against the substrate. Note: Some window installation procedures require the nails to be left “proud” to prevent bending and or breaking the nail flange, particularly in cold weather. Nails left proud do not pull the window right against the substrate.

Yes the Fastener provides additional support across the bottom of the window. This can be important when the building substrate is a non-rigid material.

Broken nail flanges can occur for several reasons, but are greatly reduced because use of the Window Clip eliminates hammer strikes, which are particularly harmful in cold weather.

No, the Clip is constructed with galvanized steel which is incompatible with aluminum.

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