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Traditional methods of window installation are awkward, labour intensive, and often dangerous. Currently windows are secured into position by at least two installers. It is necessary for one installer align the window from the inside, while another installer fastens the window into position from the outside. Installers are often perched precariously on ladders or leaning through openings to accomplish this. Scaffolding is not always available. This process can be hazardous.

With the Andy Clip™ almost any window can be installed safely and easily by a single installer. The Andy Clip™ is held in place under its own tension to the flange of a PVC or aluminum window or door frame, with tabs projecting toward the inside of the building. The Andy Clip™ allows the window to be positioned from the inside of the building only. Cleats on the tabs can be hammered into the framing with one hand while holding the window in position with the other

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